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Great tarp for using with your hammock!

This is the Bluetooth Motorcycle intercom that we have been using. After moving from the Goldwing, which had a plug in system for communication, we needed something to stay in contact with other tour guides, and let’s face it - I missed my music. And I absolutely hate riding with ear buds in! This system seamlessly connects to my iPhone 7, and I was able to stream music from my phone or from Spotify.

Installation is quite simple, and we utilized the hook and loop (Velcro) that was included. At first, I was disappointed that the boom mic could not be removed (my previous EdSets could do that). I often did that when riding solo… but now I can make and receive phone calls. Receiving calls is super easy, as the system automatically answers after two rings. No one has been able to tell that I was driving a motorcycle when talking.

Finally, the buttons are easy to access with a gloved hand. Pressing the button once will pause (or mute the music), so if I need to eliminate the sound to speak to someone, it is very easy. This unit also has a built in FM receiver, for those short commutes when I am not going to link my phone. This system is quite affordable, and we are very happy with it!


We have been BIG users of Ram Mounts since we started the company. I have used everything from the 1 inch round bar adapters (see in the next link) to brake/clutch brackets to add even more Ram mount balls, to recently purchasing an adhesive round ball for my truck so that I can utilize the X-Grip when driving the big rig.

On the motorcycle, I actually run two X-Grips. I have one on the clutch side (turned horizontal) to hold my Garmin GPS (which I also purchased from this company in the link: GPS City). On the brake side, I run an X-Grip vertical with my iPhone 7. You do need to be careful when mounting the phone, as the rubber tips of the grip might depress the down volume button.

They are super easy to use, and very adjustable, thanks to the universal round ball system. I have never had a problem having a phone or GPS to become dislodged when on a tour. Best system in my opinion.


This is the complete setup (as shown above).


After researching multiple chairs, NC Touring elected to try these lightweight chairs from G4Free. They are quite comparable to the REI version, but how the legs and back work are slightly different. The weight is not much different, and we could not see the benefit to spend significantly more for a Zero Chair (super lightweight).

This chair is great for motorcycle camping, and can be stored in its bag and lashed somewhere with the rest of your gear. We also utilize these chairs for backpacking and kayak tours. Again, they store easy, are not tremendously heavy, and the benefit of having a chair to keep you off of the ground after a hard day of travel – priceless.

Variety of colors, so you can tell them apart. Pro tip: you can utilize hollow, plastic golf balls. Drill a hole the size of the feet, and add these to the bottom of the chair to keep them from sinking in the mud.



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